A Scheduled Stop

In the words of Snoop Dogg when he featured on Katy Perry’s seminal hit California Gurls, “Greetings, loved ones”. I hope you’re all well and safe. I’m currently writing a bunch of posts in advance of the next couple of weeks because I’m going to Shanghai on Wednesday WHAAAAAAAT?! Pretty exciting/nerve-wracking!

me in shanghai

Me in Shanghai (imagined image)

Last year I took part in the awesome SGSAH-run Speaking My Language course and learned Mandarin, though the nonchalance with which I say “learned Mandarin” is entirely misplaced – I learned a bit of Mandarin, but by no means all of Mandarin…as you may have heard, it’s quite a big, complicated language. Anyway, the course is really a fantastic opportunity so if you get the chance to sign up during your PhD, it’s well worth the time! Check out this guest post for more info.

Benedict_Cumberbatch_filming_Sherlock_croppedIn the ensuing months, I haven’t practiced nearly as
much as I should, so lots of what I learned has leaked out of my brain to be replaced with emotional Grey’s Anatomy videos and Billy Joel lyrics, AKA the important things, right? Anyway, anyway, anyway, fingers crossed I’ve retained enough of it to be able to get by. For example: 你好! 我叫玛丽安挪。我二十九岁。Benedict Cumberbatch 是酷, 多少裤子? Which (hopefully?) translates as: “Hello! My name is Marianne. I am 29 years old. Benedict Cumberbatch is cool, how much for these trousers?” You know, all the essentials.

So that means scheduled posts until I get back, which provides a rather pertinent opportunity to write a blog about PhD scheduling, but since I’ve waffled on for so long about my awful taste in medical dramas and Curly Fu (Benedict Cumberbatch’s super cute Chinese nickname), I’m going to save that for next time. PLUS, I’m working really hard to get through everything before we go and I’ve still got like, five episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 2 that I have to watch?

Do still get in touch with ideas for guest posts and such. You can email admin@sgsah.ac.uk or tweet @SGSAH_. Now it’s time to put my sweet Hootsuite skillz to the test…

再见学生们! (Goodbye students!)

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