Documenting Coronavirus for Future Researchers

Guest Blogger Janine Mitchell provides an insight from the University of Stirling's Coronavirus Project. Two months ago, I glossed over this entry, dated 29 March, in Peter Mackay’s journals: March 29, 2020 That week, Mackay had been bedridden with what today might be described as ‘man-flu’. In comparison with his usual prolific writing style, the … Continue reading Documenting Coronavirus for Future Researchers

The Slump

I'm told that once you're through your first review, you might slump a little. You might struggle to get back into the swing of research after the decompression of the end of First Year. It might seem like you've climbed one mountain, only to be told that there's another peak a little further up. Then … Continue reading The Slump

Freedom Road

This incredible guest post comes from Janine Mitchell. Janine Mitchell is starting the second year of her PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Stirling. Her practice-led research examines the ways in which archival material is analysed, selected and implemented in the creation of biographical narratives, and how this process negotiates the shifting boundaries of … Continue reading Freedom Road

Immersion into spaces of law: Experiences from international legal negotiations

Mika Schroder is in the second year of her PhD at the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance. Her research explores the meaning and practice of the ‘participation’ of ‘local stakeholders’ within international biodiversity law from the perspective of spatial justice and ethics. This is the second of two posts related to her AHRC … Continue reading Immersion into spaces of law: Experiences from international legal negotiations