One thought on “Impact in Context: Lessons in Engagement from a Romanian Mountain Top

  1. Hemant Shah says:

    Prabodh Parikh is a very renowned Gujarati Poet here in India ( Gujarati is one of the many Indian languages, 6 th in order of people speaking it which is nearly 6% of 1.30 billion population of India which translates in to 8.5 million Indians communicate in this language. He was professor of philosophy for 30 years and a painter as well.
    Now to his communication skills.
    He has numerous friends and admirers like me ( and you) who relish his company. He is an authority on Tagore literature and paintings.
    To see : read Tagore through his eyes is an experience by itself as you have. We are happy in that far away land you could interact with him. He is and was avant- guard . He is a film maker of exceptional sensibilities. He has made documentaries on Two of our very prominent Gujarati poets.
    Happy for him and you all- young learners.


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