The eternal student

Doing a PhD inevitably means staying in university longer and not being able to rinse off the student-status. This can at times feel a bit awkward when friends and people around us seem to be in completely different life stages. They might be getting a dog and a mortgage, while you’re trying to convince a prospective landlord that you are technically a professional even if you’re officially a student.  You’re neither fish nor fowl, navigating the grey area of work, bureaucracy, and life.

Imposter syndrome in academia

You either have it or you know someone who does: Imposter syndrome. Spreading like a viral disease across campus and beyond, it may be the reason you become your own biggest enemy. It’s the internalised fear of being outed as a fraud at any moment and could, at worst, stunt your own growth. Let’s talk about it.

Why you should consider being an academic on TikTok

It’s not a secret that branding, marketing, and showcasing your research online can boost your academic career. You might have noticed that you will find most researchers and PhD students all over Twitter, where they can share their work, establish their relevance in the field, and grow their networks. Perhaps the one or other might even have their own research blog or podcast. Recently however, there has been a slow shift to TikTok as a platform to promote research.

Life hacks for the PhD researcher

Doing a PhD can be hard sometimes. While undergraduate and taught postgraduate students have regular courses to attend, group assignments, clear milestones, and a cohort with whom they share many facets of their university experience, PhD students often find themselves rather isolated on their unique journeys. Thankfully there are blog posts with life hacks for every walk of life – like this one, specifically curated for the PhD experience.