Farewell & Monthly Roundup: July

Time for my final blog post! Below is a round up of what has been going on in the PhD world this past month. But before we get onto that, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has read or shared my posts, or contributed to the blog, over the last six months. It has been such a pleasure to look after this little corner of the internet, sharing my thoughts on the PhD experience and hearing about some of the amazing things other PhD students have been getting up to. When I took over from Marianne at the start of the year she said exactly what I would like to say now in her ‘farewell’ post: “We’re part of a very special community and it’s extremely heartening to see so many people that are passionate about the research they’re doing.”

I do feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this SGSAH / PhD community, and to have had this opportunity to play an active role over the past six months. We all need as much motivation as we can get, and I hope this blog helps with that at least a little bit! During my time as resident SGSAH blogger we’ve covered all kinds of PhD related subjects, from planning conferences to utilising your free time wisely, and of course, PhD dogs. Of the 54 posts published since the start of February, I am thrilled to say that my most popular post was my piece on ‘Imposter Syndrome at Hogwarts’, and our most popular guest post was Maxine Branagh-Miscampbell’s piece on ‘The Realities of the PhD Baby’!

We all have such different experiences of PhD life, and I know this will continue to be reflected in the posts of the next blogger. I am very much looking forward to following along when Joanna Rodgers takes over next week, and I’ve been reassured that the dog photos will continue, so don’t worry. I’ll probably be taking a little break from blogging while I finish my PhD (eek), but you can always find me on Twitter @luciewhitmore! 

pics 1

Goodbye from me & from Birdie! 

Back to the July Round-Up

This month we were treated to some fascinating guest posts on the blog. Mhairi Brennan shared her experiences of writing a topical thesis, and Hannah Yoken discussed her recent SDF funded research trip to Sweden and Finland. We also heard from three PhD students that have recently undertaken SGSAH funded residencies: Katerina TalianniDaphne de Sonneville and Théophile Krosi-Douté. As previously mentioned, I got to write about dogs and Hogwarts, and I also wrote an account of my very first visit to the British Library – I already can’t wait to go back!

Now, a round up of blogs, podcasts, CFPS and other bits and pieces that have caught my eye this month:




I keep meaning to include a full podcast section in this monthly post and as now is my last chance, here it is! I’ll start with my personal favourites, a list of podcasts that use research in interesting ways, tell fascinating stories, or simply serve as a welcome distraction from the PhD.

I also asked the ever-helpful Twitter-sphere for their favourite podcasts (PhD related or otherwise) and got the following recommendations: I can’t wait to check them all out!

Thanks so much to everyone who shared their podcast suggestions on Twitter. That list should keep you all busy during the “summer break”(!) That’s it from me, the SGSAH blog will be back next week with a brand new resident blogger! 

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