5 Minutes With… Wafa AlAli

This is the latest installment of our ‘5 minutes with…’ series, where we interview PhD researchers across the arts and humanities in Scotland. Today our interview is with Wafa AlAli, who is pursuing her PhD in Media and Cultural Policy.

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What year of your PhD are you currently in?

I’m on thesis pending – rewriting now. Some of us tend to assume that rewriting is quick and easy, but maybe it is not. Editing may turn into writing some chapters almost from scratch, as we find that we are not satisfied with them anymore when we progress into third year.

What’s the working title of your thesis?

Local News Management in the Digital Era: The Influence of Social Media on Local Television News.

Describe your research in three words (can be keywords or something non-serious!)

Journalism, technology, and democracy.

What research questions are you considering right now?

My research questions investigate the influence of social media on local television news in a holistic manner and divided into inquiries about the media organisation, processes of news production, and content.

If you were to introduce someone new to your subject area, what one piece of reading would you recommend, and why?

I’d suggest reading Alfred Hermida’s Twittering the news: The emergence of ambient journalism (2010). I think that this piece has a different approach to the influence of social media on journalism. Understanding the influences on journalism is the cornerstone for studying the influence of social media on news.

What’s been the most useful piece of advice given to you about doing a PhD?

“The PhD is a journey, not a destination.

Would you like to be our next guest? Email chiara.bullen@glasgow.ac.uk

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