Goodbye and welcome!

My time as the SGSAH blogger has come to an end and I’m really not sure where the last six months went. 8When I started doing this six months ago, it seemed as though things were beginning to get back to normal. Every week felt as though the end of that week things would be better, but it never quite was.

As it turns out, waiting for the difficult week to finish so the next will be easier was a poor management choice. I was fizzing with ideas for my time with this blog and I, and am sure many others, have been frustrated with my output.

I am sad to be leaving this role with so many unfinished ideas. However, I am very excited to see where it goes next. It is easy to feel alone while universities are closed and we work from home, sometimes with the treat of human contact coming from the occasional trip to the shop.

It is easy within all this to forget that we are a community and there are hundreds of other people trying to do their PhDs right now. Digital communication is not the same as face-to-face, as many of us are finding out for new and many disabled people have been telling everyone for years.

This is a community I’m glad to have found myself in and I am excited to see how the blog progresses and continues to be a part of it all. I hope there have been some useful posts from me, and a big thanks to the guest bloggers who have written some excellent and thought provoking pieces.

From me, for now, goodbye. And for the future, welcome!

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