Monthly Roundup: March 2017

How is it April already? This year seems to be flying by at a terrifying pace, but maybe that is because my final annual progress review takes place in May. Fear aside, a new month means it is time for my second monthly roundup on this blog. My intention is to bring together blog posts, podcasts, articles, conference CFPS, news stories and really any other online content that may be of interest to PhD students working in the arts and humanities.

This also seems an opportune time to reflect on the content of this blog over the past month, and we have had some really great guest posts. Oliver Wilkinson kicked things off with an introduction to the new First World War network, and all the opportunities it provides for PhDs and ECRs. We had two posts reflecting on the SGSAH ‘Stuff of Research’ Material Culture programme from Rhona Ramsay and Alexandra Chiriac, and some thoughts on undertaking a PhD internship from Fiona Dakin. Finally, Jill Dye described the work she has been doing on the fascinating Leighton Library project. If I am allowed to pick one of my own posts to highlight this month, it would be International Women’s Day post in which I considered the women that inspire and shape my PhD – just because I had so much fun writing it!

The following is a magpie-like roundup of things that have caught my eye or that have been sent my way over the past month.

Blogs & Podcasts


The PhD student vs endless books, a constant struggle. Image from Wikimedia Commons. 


Library Exterior

Leighton Library, the oldest purpose-built library in Scotland 

Articles & News Stories


National Army Museum: a recruitment poster on display in the Army gallery

CFPS & Resources 

That’s it for March, I’ll be back next week with new guest posts and will hopefully be making some updates to the look of the blog too! 


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