Monthly Roundup: April 2017

It’s time for our next monthly roundup! A collection of blog posts, podcasts, articles, conference CFPS, news stories and any other online content that may be of interest to PhD students working in the arts and humanities.

We’ve been treated to some brilliant guest posts on the blog this month. First we had a report from Catherine Bateson, Nicola Martin and David Wilson on their SGSAH funded workshop on post-PhD careers in American Studies. Next Laura Beattie shared some tips for those working on public engagement projects, and Elyse Jamieson reflected on their experiences of the Visiting Doctoral Research scheme. Michael Reeve wrote a thought provoking report of the SGSAH funded ‘War Through Other Stuff conference’, and finally careers adviser Katrina Gardner offered some very useful advice for those considering careers outside academia. I managed to crowbar Britney Spears lyrics into one post written in the delirious fog of third year annual progress review preparation, but I think my favourite post to write was this one, all about books. 

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Harry Potter Track Nine Nine

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Articles, News Stories & Other Stuff 


Ghost signs in Dundee, visiting the McManus.

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