SGSAH Meet the Host Event

Last Thursday I went along to the City Arts Centre in Edinburgh to check out the SGSAH Meet the Host event, and to learn more about some of the opportunities available in this year’s Doctoral Internship/Artist-in-Residence programme.


A small selection of host organisations who were present at Meet the Host

The event was great overall, and very busy. The City Arts Centre was an excellent venue – plenty of space for organisers to set up their displays and room to comfortably wander around amongst them. Personally I chatted at length with representatives from the National Trust for Scotland, Festivals in Fife and BUZZCUT, all of whom were really friendly and easy to talk to, each with a wealth of information about their respective opportunities. I’m pretty sure the other hosts were just as engaging, given that every table was busy with students while I was there.

There was also wine and some incredible-looking nibbles, though for some reason I didn’t actually try any of them…not like me. Maybe I’m getting sick? Or maybe I was just really excited to go home and have soup for dinner, who knows? Either way, I obviously still have huge regrets about this, so I hope you can all learn from my error and remember to always sample nibbles at events from now on.


Hosts and students engrossed in exciting chat

If I was going again I’d probably rethink my chunky cable-knit jumper since it was roughly 100˚C in there and I was filmed in a no-doubt-unflattering sheen of sweat the entire time, but in spite of that it was good fun and hugely informative. There are some really exciting-looking projects available from a broad range of organisations, and I think it would be difficult not to find one that appeals to you. You can find out more information about them all on the SGSAH website, under the ‘SGSAH Opportunities’ heading.

You can also find a number of guest posts in our blog archive from students who took part in last year’s doctoral internships and artist-in-residence programmes. If you happen to be one of last year’s doctoral interns/artists-in-residence and would like to tell the world about your experiences, we’d love to hear them. Get in touch via email:

To stay up to date with all the happenings at the SGSAH, follow us on Twitter, @SGSAH_ , or find us on Facebook.

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