Researcher in Residence at Cove Park: Beauty and peace on Loch Long

Cassice is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of St Andrews and her work focuses upon the contemporary American survival film. Last year she taught Key Concepts in Film Studies and she currently teaches Film Theory, Culture and Entertainment.


I spent the week 19th to the 26th March at Cove Park as the SGSAH researcher in residence. After finding out I would be staying there I eagerly looked through the photos of the site and read blogs written by past artists, film-makers and researchers. My overall impression of Cove Park was that of a peaceful site that provided people with the time and space to think through projects whilst nestled in steep hills.

Duck at Cove

I found this was definitely the case. My room overlooked Loch Long such that I ate breakfast watching small passing boats dwarfed by steady hills in the morning. I then spent my day split between reading and writing in the studio located next door, at my desk in my bedroom, or in one of the many communal spaces in the Artist Centre. This Centre housed a large kitchen and numerous working spaces and I often found myself perched at a desk close to one of their donated libraries. Other residents visited the Centre throughout the day and often a few of us would meet up in the evening to talk briefly about our work (and for the artists- past and future exhibitions).


With no internet in my room, my days of writing and reading were peaceful. The surrounding natural environment gave the impression of distance between you and the buzz of daily life. I made sure to explore the nearby nature reserve and surrounding site and often returned motivated to tackle the next prickly idea in my work. Most importantly, Cove Park gave me the space and the time to think through the areas of my work that I have found most difficult and time-consuming. I have progressed particular ideas owing to the quietness and solitude offered by my week long stay.


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