Monthly Roundup: September 2018

Hello again all!

After a series of amazing guest blogs this month, I thought we needed even more of a variety of voices on this blog, so starting this month we’ll be bringing back the monthly roundups! These roundups really helped me engage remotely with the PhD world in Scotland and beyond during my first year, so hopefully they do the same for you. I will try to keep an eye out for any exciting opportunities, blogs, etc., happening in the near future, but please do drop me an email or Twitter message if there is anything you would like to see included in future roundups or featured on the blog!


  • 5 October!! SGSAH Internships and Artist Residencies: The deadline is fast approaching to get your applications in for our internships and artist residency opportunities this year, so be sure to check out this post from earlier in the month with a wee Q&A about the offerings, and then head over to the SGSAH website to get started!
  • 15 October |Urquhart Castle and its Archaeology: This is a free event (but you must register in advance) being run by Historic Environment Scotland which might interest those who want to hear first-hand about the archaeological digs at Urquart Castle, and you’ll get the chance to handle some of the findings!
  • 31 October |Call for Papers: The Body and Politics: In what sounds like a fascinating conference topic, The Body and Politics conference is looking for submissions from graduate researchers, ‘centring on the body – human, animal, sacred, and political – in histories of political thought and scholarship. In thinking through the complex relation between the body and politics, participants are welcome to draw on insights from political thought and intellectual history, gender and post-colonial history, cultural history, and the history of science.’
  • PubhD Glasgow Call for Talks | If you’ve never attended a PubhD event- do it! What better way to spend your evening than listening to PhD researchers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines talk for 10 minutes about their research…in a pub?! If you can work up the courage to get up there and give it a go, you even get a free pint or drink of your choice for your bravery!


  • Women in the Archives: There is a great write-up by Juliet Wilson of Crafty Green Poet of a recent event held jointly by the Transatlantic Literary Women and the National Library of Scotland, about women in literary archives. If you were unable to attend the event but are interested in looking at who spoke about what, this is a good jumping off point!
  • PhD Women Scotland have had some incredible weekly blogs this year, making it hard to pick favourites so to cover al your bases this September’s blogs were as follows:
    • The Terrible Twos: The woes of being a second-year PhD student as told through the same woes of a two-year-old, teething and all!
    • 7 Weeks in…: Do you remember how you felt 7 weeks into your PhD? Are you just starting out and wondering how it’ll be? This blog is a unique time-stamp into the thoughts and feelings of someone going through week 7 of many, and a reminder that it is good to stop and reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going.
    • PhDs and Teenagers- a tale of angst: Following a bit of a theme this month for the growing pains of the PhD process (perfect for the start of a new year!) and this blog in particular hits on not only the thick skin and perseverance one has to have while pursuing a PhD, but also the same traits one has to raise a teenager- then imagine having to do both at.the.same.time!
  • Looking Back: The 5 Best Practices of My PhD: PubsandPublications is always a great shout for some quality blogging content, and this post in particular from September is worth a read for wherever you’re at in your PhD.
  • The Viva: Another PubsandPublications blog from this month that is definitely worth a read for those of you who have just submitted and are thinking about the daunting next step! BUT be sure you’re taking time to bask in that post-submission glow before you do!
  • A Year with PGRNS: The Postgraduate Gender Research Network of Scotland has a number of interesting blogs you should check-out, but this post takes a look at one PGRNS member’s year balancing the PhD and the network duties and responsibilities, which is something many of us can identify with as we engage in networks and societies outside of the PhD.
  • Sex and the Single Room: ‘In Loco Parentis’ at St Andrews, 1968-75: This post comes from the Scottish Critical Heritage blog and was written by Charlie Lynch, recent PhD graduate of the University of Glasgow. In the constantly evolving and shifting existence that is University life, this post takes us through a time when curfews and living rules and regulations were much harsher than now, and how the University residence situation was altered by the students.
  • Are there only four kinds of writers?: If you’re into personality tests, quizzes, and the like (I’m a sucker for them!) you’ll enjoy this blog post from The Thesis Whisperer. The suggestion is that people fall into four different motivation categories, which works well within the framework of PhD life, but see if you fit one (or more) of these categories and what it might mean.
  • How can academics engage with SPICe and the Scottish Parliament?: Inspired by my recent foray to the Scottish Parliament, the role of academics and the Government sparked an intrigue into how exactly one can influence or play a part in the other. I’m sure we are all fairly informed of the role of Government in academia, but how about vice versa? This blog post goes over things you can do now as a PhD student as well as things you can do beyond the PhD to engage with the Scottish Parliament.
  • Gender is like a Prism: What you see depends on how you turn the glass: Back in June, the Postgraduate Gender Research Network of Scotland held their second annual gender conference with the help of SGSAH funding, so be sure to have a look! It’s a great example of how interdisciplinary conferences bring about some truly intriguing topics and discussion.


  • 28 September!! War Through Other Stuff Twitter Conference: This is an exciting opportunity to take part in the conference experience of listening to new and exciting research, asking questions, and even networking all from your computer, tablet, or phone! You can follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #WTOStc and following the handle @stuffofwar
  • 19 October |Researching Trauma in the Arts & Humanities: Unfortunately the application deadline for this training event has just passed, but if you were unaware it was happening before and it sounds like something you’d be keen on I encourage you to keep up with posts about the training day, and the Researching Trauma Twitter @ResearchNTrauma
  • 7 November | Protest and Activism Workshop: Inspired by the 100th anniversary of partial women’s suffrage in the UK and the 50th anniversary of the social unrest and protests in 1968, the Transatlantic Literary Women with Hook Centre for American Studies are holding a day-long workshop. The subjects of the workshop will cover a broad spectrum of protest and activism, from the American South to the literature of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker.
  • 20 November | Janine Bradbury, “Racial Passing and Its Transatlantic Contexts”: Also being ran by the Transatlantic Literary Women this November, this talk by Dr Janine Bradbury from York St John University ‘will explore the phenomenon of ‘passing-for-white’ as represented in the work of transatlantic literary women ranging from Harlem Renaissance writer Nella Larsen to contemporary British writer Helen Oyeyemi and asks why passing continues to inspire women writers across the West.’

Miscellaneous Fun

  • There is an upcoming book launch that looks fantastic coming up: The Scottish Clearances: A History of the Dispossessed, 1500-1900 by T.M. Devine on the 6th of October at the University of Edinburgh so be sure to register in advance to secure your space!
  • I am living for the National Library of Scotland’s Twitter feed this month, so if you’re in need of a good laugh, and you know…staying informed…I highly recommend you check them out!
  • Something I wanted to take part in last year but found out about it too late was the Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park event to raise money for, and call for an end of, homelessness in Scotland. This year it runs on the 8th of December and registration is now open if it seems like something you’d be keen on.
  • There’s happiness…and then there’s coffee. If you’re like me they are basically the same thing so you might be interested in checking out the upcoming Edinburgh Coffee Festival on Saturday 6th October.

We are always seeking new guest bloggers! If you have an idea for a blog post or would like to informally discuss writing for the SGSAH blog please get in touch with Brittnee via email at or connect with the blog on Twitter


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