GUEST POST: Publishing in Research and Practice Workshop: Reflections

Joanna Foster is a practice-led PhD Researcher at DJCAD, University of Dundee. She has kindly shared her experiences of the recent SGSAH Publishing in Research & Practice Workshop, as well as some of her fantastic sketches.

In September I took part in the SGSAH-run Publishing in Research & Practice Workshop, hosted by Stirling University. The workshop developed over two days, with round table discussion in small groups on day one, followed by panel discussion with one-to-one question and answer sessions on day two.


The workshop provided an opportunity to meet other practice-led researchers from across the UK, to explore and think into research methodologies with the guidance of a facilitator. I found the round table approach beneficial as conversation developed naturally around the group, steered towards more specific areas to dig deeper into dialogue by the facilitator. It was both interesting and useful to hear how other doctoral students approach their research and to see what points we differed on and where we reached consensus.

The selected panel on day two covered a range of backgrounds in publishing, sparking discussion across disciplines. The following opportunity for one-to-one questions and answers with members of the panel encouraged continued dialogue and provided an opportunity to make contact with professionals working in key fields of research.

Joanna Foster

During the workshop I made several sketchnotes and drawings, both as a way of engaging with and listening to discussion, and to remember what took place. I have included a few that evoke the engaged atmosphere over the two days, including in between interactions of conversation over coffee breaks, and the visual qualities of gesture, that also played a significant role in the way workshop discussion developed.

I would recommend this workshop to future participants, and would like to thank the organisers for making everyone so welcome and encouraging debate through their creative approach.

A huge thank you to Joanna for sharing her story with us. If you’ve taken part in any recent workshops or events, of if you’d like to offer some insights into life as a PhD student, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email us on  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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