SGSAH Residencies: Researcher in Residence at Hospitalfield house

Today we have the final of our three posts by PhD students who have undertaken SGSAH research residencies this year. You can find out more about the residencies and other SGSAH opportunities here. 

Researcher in Residence at Hospitalfield House

Our blogger today is Théophile Krosi-Douté. Théo is currently a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen. His research looks into new methods of musical composition, based on the observation of our constellations. You can find out more about Théo’s work on his Facebook page.

I was appointed as the 2017 SGSAH Researcher in Residence for Hospitalfield House, and took part in its Interdisciplinary Residency in March of that year.

I enjoyed my time at Hospitalfield for several reasons. This was due to the excellent atmosphere I found there, the possibility to exchange ideas with people from very different fields, as well as the wonderful venue and its surroundings. Secondly, there was no obligation to produce anything by the end of the residency. I was free to use all of the house’s facilities and my time however I saw fit, and as a result I was more productive than I would have been in normal working circumstances. Coming together for meals was our only obligation, with each meal becoming the grounds for a lively exchange of ideas. Guests were sometimes invited from the outside to (successfully) help spark a debate.


A picture of the room I most often worked in

I felt that this lack of constraints in terms of time and obligations, away from daily routine and responsibilities, greatly helped my creativity and productivity. During my time at Hospitalfield, I achieved important progress in my research, prompting me to start the composition of a new piece. I also largely benefited from the presence of the other artists. In the printing studio, I was introduced to the art of print, and I was able to produce ‘artistic’ supporting documents for my research. Moreover, one of my previously composed research pieces was picked up by Tomo Sone, a wonderful graphic artist, choreographer, and fellow resident. She included my piece Capricorn Trio no.1 into one of her new works.


One of the prints I created during my time at Hospitalfield

This residency served me greatly in my research, as well as being exposed to fascinating minds and people for a whole two weeks. I warmly recommend this experience if you ever get the opportunity to take part in it.

Listen to Théo’s composition here:

If you are interested in undertaking a residency or internship during your PhD, keep an eye on the opportunities page of the SGSAH website. You can also sign up to their mailing list here, to have all the latest news and opportunities sent straight to your inbox!

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