The importance of research assistants

To end the week, I wanted to take a moment to consider those who help many of us get through the day, keep us grounded and keep things in perspective. I am, of course, talking about pets.

I put out a call for the pets of PhD students who are based at Scottish universities and got some glorious pictures in response. It cheered up my day and I hope it does yours too. I have also enjoyed chatting with some other students who I might otherwise not have a chance to talk to. Online networking through the medium of animal pictures may be the way to go within lockdown academia.

Anyway, I do not have anything particularly insightful to say. Friday brain has kicked in. However, enjoy a dose of cute animals and let us all celebrate our furry research assistants. Also go follow these fine people on twitter if that is your thing.

Chatlotte Kennedy (@HwaetNow) – PG Tips

Gavin Douglas (@Gavinbdouglas)

Kath (@Orkat3) – Pip (Professor Emeritus in Walkies)

Charlotte Findlay (@chazz_findlay)

Emily Thomson (@EmilyMThomson)

Barney Higgins (@BarneykHiggins) – Bella

Henk Pieter Sterk & Jasmijn Sybenga (@HPSterk & @jasmijnsybenga) – Oatcake

Fluer Ward (@wheresfleur) – Oz

Maythe Han (@maythehan) – Frank

A special mention for Maythe and Frank, whose PhD research looks at multispecies kinship between dogs and their humans, leading me to question all my life choices that have lead me to not be doing that. Check out the website for more lovely pictures of Frank and other great content:

James Slingsby (@JESlingsby) – Flynn

Amber Rivers (@AmberMRivers) – Reggie

While not strictly Amber’s cat, Reggie regularly lets himself in to be of assistance.

Michelle Hay (@Viking_Disease)

And of course last, but most certainly not least, my very own Dido (cat) & Finn (dog)

I hope this has helped cheer up your Friday afternoon. Also apologies to anyone who sent me their pets who I missed out, I was taken aback by how many I got in such a short space of time! I’m sure this is a subject we can return to so don’t feel your research assistants will be left out!

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